Workshop for children 

Workshop for children and parents

Daniel Mitel has worked and helped many children who have different developmental disorders, including Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Autism. Oftentimes only a few Imagery exercises are needed, or a prayer form the heart for the children to be back to their true essence.

Daniel has a dream.  The dream is to realise in schools children getting to know and understand spiritual concepts.  To understand what it means and how it benefits children (calmative, increased focus, memory, empathy etc) to meditate; to comprehend energy; to understand that we are all more than atoms and electrons yet are all interconnected

A few years ago, in Canada, Daniel was part of Montessori family teaching chidren Tai Chi. Heather Wilson, the Principal of Blaisdale Montessori Schools invited Daniel to teach in Montessori Schools. Heather being of the few people to awaken to the importance of vibrational education, to be open to an infinite realm of information beyond mathematics and physics.  Heather easily convinced the local peoples how our children must understand these concepts and experience it for themselves to better progress in life, on all levels.