This Now Is Eternity’ is an amazing spiritual work…anybody should read this book!

(Drunvalo Melchizedek)


“This Now Is Eternity” book has some of the best reviews and it is considered one of the best meditation book. The book can be ordered on electronic format (Amazon/Kindle, iBook, KOBO or NOOK) or in paper format in Amazon ( and Barnes&Noble (

Some of the book reviews (Amazon):

“If you’ve ever dreamed of working with Great Master’s in Tibet, read this book! You will feel as though you are one with Daniel as he explains his journey of awakening. The insight, empathy and compassion that flows through with each word will inspire you, and the suggested practical Tibetan meditations will change your life!”  Luke Sellars, School Of Being, Ontological Coaching, Canada 

“Daniel has created a masterpiece collation of beautiful stories and practical exercises that will help change lives – should one choose to practice :-) Although there are several other mind imagery techniques taught around the world, heart imagery is unfortunately not as widely taught, yet immensely more powerful.” Chris Cheung, Australia

“This book is an amazing gift to humanity at a very important time. Daniel offers simple, clear, and very powerful practices to Remember our intimate connection to Creator/Creation … when I practice these meditations I feel my energy transforming instantaneously. I can feel my energy returning from all the places/times I have given it away and I can feel the infinite flow of cosmic energy constantly supporting and sustaining me. Thank you, Daniel, from my Heart, for offering these precious gifts!” Tristan Gutner, US

“Wisdom and Love are the two wings of our true Self. Reading this beautiful book of my beloved Master is true guidance through the pathless path of the heart. Thank you!” Eleni S., Cyprus

“A must tool! Simple but yet so powerful!! The narration with the Masters is very inspiring and the list of meditations promotes your enlightenment.” Laura Iacovides, Cyprus

“It is one of the best books I’ve ever read, never expected the amazing information on the book. Really good!” Lilia G. Araiza