“‘Heart Imagery’ book is a treasure; maybe the most important imagery work of this planet!” Claudette Melchizedek

“The Masters experience and teach. We learn and experience. There is a big difference. We are followers, not innovators. A Master is a conscious creator. We are trying to be conscious receivers. Trying in a world of polarity is not easy. The simple act of trying is keeping us in an exhausting, never ending wheel of reincarnations here in this dimension.

Heart Imagery: A Path To Enlightenment provides a key to getting rid of this endless trying. Heart Imagery helps you to once again have a childlike consciousness, and become a re-born human being. It is a new life and an opportunity to lead your own energy to the cosmic consciousness. Why would we do this? Because we are fed up with being machines, robots; people without personalities. 

We are saturated and exhausted by our own repetitive gestures, thoughts and actions. What we see today around us is a clear demonstration that the mind failed. 

When the mind fails there is just one option left: the heart.

Heart Imagery: A Path To Enlightenment is a continuation of the book “This Now Is Eternity” and it reveals exercises and meditations related with the most ancient spiritual system: Heart Imagery. It is a treasure of advices, meditations and exercises coming directly from two of the last Great Masters in Heart Imagery. 

They were living in the Tibetan area, but that was not relevant. Like other Great Masters in Imagery (Anastasia from Russia, Collette Aboulker-Muscat from Jerusalem or Ana Pricop from Romania), the location and the time when they were living on this planet are completely irrelevant for them. They could change anything: past, present or future. They could reverse any action or thought. It is beyond our understanding.

Remember that all around you is a dream and you can awake any moment if you really want it.”