Quote from the book “This Now Is Eternity” by Daniel Mitel (chapter 7: “Eating Healthily”):

“I have noticed that you do not eat much; almost nothing. And you have a very short list of vegetables on your menu,” I observed one day.
“That is true; eating for us is not the most important activity,” said Karma Dorje.

“From our studies we know that the human liver cannot process more than four elements. It is like overworking it until it reaches exhaustion. If you eat more than four elements, your liver gets burned out. For example, a simple piece of bread has at least four elements: water, yeast, flour and salt. In the western countries, they also add other ingredients in bread, such as sugar and baking powder. It literally pushes your liver to exhaustion when you eat more than four elements.

“That is the reason why we usually just have some boiled rice or some tea. That is sufficient for us; and it is very healthy at the same time. Also we love to have some vegetables on the table, but we do not exaggerate.

“There is a reason why, in all spiritual traditions, people fast before a celebration or a ceremony. They wish to purify their bodies and spirit beforehand.

“But the most important thing is how we combine our food. Why? Because it helps one to fully digest. If food enters your intestines incompletely digested, it builds putrefaction inside your organism, which stays blocked there for years. As a result, you have a constant source of toxic substances inside you, which poison you every day. They expose you to many diseases and develop an excellent environment for harmful bacteria and intestinal parasites.

“Mucous plaque also forms and that can stay in the intestines for up to 10 years. However, it can usually be eliminated via detoxification methods (vegetable fibers or diuretic tea).

“All these things expose you to many diseases such as cancer, skin diseases, digestive diseases and constipation.

“If you combine food in the wrong way for more than 10 years, your body definitely becomes sick. What really happens in the stomach? When food enters the stomach, the gastric juice adjusts its acidity and enzymes, so that the food can be completely digested. Eating two types of food together, which require different adjustments of the gastric juice, results in a gastric juice that does not completely digest either type of food.

“Food enters into the intestine incompletely digested and becomes putrefied. The result is accumulation of toxic substances in the intestine. Some organs (i.e., the liver, the pancreas and the kidneys) get sick. This leads to a chronic disease.

“Now there is a new way of eating in the western countries: organic or non-organic. I was amazed to find out that you have to pay more, in order to eat healthily; you have to buy organic food. It is as if the governments of the countries are aware of unhealthy food and they agree to their people not having unhealthy food.

“If this is the future of humanity, then we will have a lot of problems!

“However, all these chronic diseases can happen even if we eat organic food and we combine it in the wrong way.

“Let me explain some of the Food Combination Rules. I will try to describe the best (or optimum) combinations, the neutral combinations and the harmful combinations.

“I studied how people eat, especially in the United States and in the western part of Europe, and tried to gather all the information together.

“I know that in the western countries, people do not take food combination much into consideration; but, in fact, this is the most important thing. I noticed that people consider that combining ten ingredients together is good and that it is a sign of prosperity, but, in fact, they destroy their own bodies day after day if they continue with this pattern.

“There were many times when I was invited to dinner. People should understand that eating in the evening is

very harmful for their liver. The most important meal is in the morning: breakfast. At lunch we should eat less than half of what we have eaten in the morning and in the evening we should just have tea or some water.

“So let us see the food combination rules.

Eggs should never be combined with fish or meat.

There is a risk if combined with cheese, wheat starch products (bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, corn) and nuts or seeds.
Eggs go very well with fresh vegetables.

Meat should never be combined with fish, eggs, cheese or wheat starch products. There is a risk if combined with nuts and seeds.

Meat goes very well just with fresh vegetables.
Fish should never be combined with eggs, meat and cheese.

There is a risk if combined with nuts and seeds.
Fish goes very well with fresh vegetables and wheat starch products.

Cheese should never be combined with fish and meat. There is a risk if combined with eggs.

Cheese goes very well with fresh vegetables, wheat starch products, nuts and seeds. Wheat starch products should never be combined with meat.

There is a risk if combined with eggs.
Wheat starch products go very well with fresh vegetables, cheese, fish, nuts and seeds.

Fresh vegetables go well with any product.
Fruit goes alone; it does not combine with anything.

Fruit alone constitutes a meal!

“What happens when we have a ’No’ combination? Firstly, the stomach cannot digest two concentrated types of food (concentrated food means any food that is not a raw vegetable or fruit). Also, we should never combine meat with eggs and cheese and we should never combine animal protein (meat, cheese, eggs) with pasta, bread, potatoes, rice or pastries. Therefore, avoid combining french fries with steak, or pasta with meat.

“You should never combine fruit and sweets (sugar) with any type of food. A fruit must be eaten on an empty stomach, one hour before the meal or at least two hours later. Sugar, honey or fructose inhibits gastric secretion and by combining them with the rest of the food, you feel very uncomfortable after the meal.

“Avoid combining fatty foods (butter, cream, oil) with those that are rich in proteins or starch.

“And another very important thing: avoid drinking water during or after a meal. It dilutes the gastric juices and the digestion is very poor. Water must be drunk at least 20-30 minutes before meals. Milk or melon must not be combined with any other food. Do not consume acids and sweet fruit at the same time.

“Acid fruits can be combined together (oranges, apple, and berries). Sweet fruit must be eaten separately (only bananas or only pears).

“What is a good combination? A good combination of proteins must be combined with vegetables that are low in starch, especially the green ones (parsley, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, broccoli, cabbage). Fatty food can be combined with light vegetables.

“Pasta, potatoes, bread, corn and rice can be combined with beans, peas, lentil, and chickpeas. Eat only fruit or drink only milk on an empty stomach.

“Any types of sweets must be eaten only on an empty stomach. So, give up the dessert after the meals.

Dessert is a very unhealthy habit. It is better to just continue eating food rather than having dessert. If you still feel the desire to have desert after a meal, it means you did not give your body the food it really needed.

“The desire to eat certain food is very powerful. In the United States, I saw people getting out of the house at midnight to buy some chocolate or sandwiches or something else! This strong feeling of wanting something to eat indicates two things: either that the emotional body is not harmonized and not balanced or that the body is missing an ingredient from that food that they are longing for.

“It is interesting to analyze these desires.

“If you are always hungry, then you need tyrosine, which can be found especially in oranges, lemons, vegetables and red fruits or you need tryptophan which can be found in cheese, spinach, potatoes or raisins. “If you always want to eat salty food, then you need to have some goat milk, fish or natural sea salt.

“If you are longing for something sweet, then you need chromium which can be found in fresh fruits, cheese, beans or you need phosphorus which can be found in eggs, spinach, raisins, potatoes or dairy products.

“If you are craving for chocolate then you need magnesium that which can be found in nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

“If you are addicted to coffee or tea then you need sulphur and iron that can be found in eggs, garlic, onion, salt, fish, herbs and vegetables.

“If you need to drink liquids, remember that you need at least eight glasses of water per day. We are made up of almost 70% water, so do not neglect water; it is very important for the human body. Unfortunately, people do not drink natural spring water anymore, which is alive. They drive to the supermarket and buy the bottled water, which does not have any life in it and it is filled with chlorine and other chemicals.

“If you do not want to eat, then you need vitamins B1 and B3 that can be found in beans, nuts and seeds, fish and vegetables.” And with that, Tenzin ended his lecture on the combination of food. “