The Melchizedek Teachings

The Higher Self and The Ascension Process

Book I

Introduction by Drunvalo Melchizedek

The Melchizedek Consciousness is not a person and it can assume any form it wants. When this particular Universe was created, and there are many more that are not connected or related to ours in any way, the Melchizedek was the consciousness that was asked to go into this new Universe first. This is because the Melchizedeks understand how to make the grids and all the geometrical patterns that are necessary for consciousness to continue. If there was just empty space out there, without planets and star systems, the Melchizedeks would not be able to know where they are, since it takes two to know that we are moving in relation to each other. 

The first thing they did upon their arrival was to create grids everywhere that informed them where they were in relation to everything else. Then they introduced other geometries that created similar life forms and, at this point, there are many beings that are connected with the Melchizedek Consciousness; in this galaxy alone, there are approximately ten million.

At the moment, the Melchizedeks are caretakers and this Universe is about to go through a huge change that it is unlike anything anyone can imagine. It is about to move up an octave which has never happened before. How this is going to happen is completely unknown and somewhat dangerous. For this reason, the Melchizedek Consciousness is watching over everything so that, in the event that things begin to go wrong, they know exactly what to do to restore balance. 

Humans beings on the earth are out of balance and have been illegally interfered with by other forms of life, more so than any other race in the entire Universe, This however, is not necessarily bad.  Personally, I am just waiting for this moment of change, because I know it can happen at any moment, but it might happen later, since all changes are related to one primary change which is the axis of the earth and the wobble that is in that axis and which takes 25,625 years, according to the Mayans, to complete one cycle. In the 1800’s we had estimated it to be approximately 25,900 years per cycle, but that was incorrect. In the year 2000, scientists used all the technology they could to figure out the closest estimation and they arrived at 25,700 years. However, the Mayans have studied this cycle far more than anyone else and they got it accurately right down to the minute. This full cycle of 25,625 years I’ve I talked about in my classes is half female and half male. For almost 13,000 years the female cycle had been moving towards the centre of the galaxy, towards light and, once it arrived to that point, it began to move away from the centre of the galaxy and our consciousness turned into darkness. That is when the male emerged in order to protect us in that darkness. Obviously now that we are reaching the end of times, for both male and female cycles become totally crazy and each side is trying to prevail.

The precision of the equinoxes, and those who have studied this work know this already, is a cycle, but one that is divided into two parts: the part which is the most distant from the centre of the galaxy and the part which is the closest to the centre of the galaxy. At the moment, we are at the bottom and we have just begun to turn and move towards the centre of the galaxy. Soon we will be heading that way. When we reach the other end, our movement will switch again and the male part will take control and come back in. Now we are moving away from the centre of the galaxy, so our consciousness is facing darkness and the male part has come in to protect the women and the children. When it reaches the end of the cycle, which is where we are now, it will go crazy. The same also applies to the female part. The movement is not circular, but spiral. The changes are subtle every time we spiral around and we become more aware and conscious. 

There are many things that are similar, which is why we have repeated occurrences, even in cycles going back to 2014. The Melchizedek Consciousness is not unique in one person; it is within each and every living being. They only exception is that those who are consciously connected to the Melchizedek Consciousness have first gone through specific training and they have become naturally one with.

Connecting through the heart is essential. It is primary, it is deeply, deeply innate in consciousness. There could be no blood life forms breathing air without the heart. A human baby begins with the formation of its heart. We begin from a single cell that divides in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on and when we reach 512 cells, we turn into a toroidal field. That is what I taught in the Awakening the Illuminated Heart (ATIH) workshops, but we now know that the toroidal field continues and becomes the heart. 

The heart exists physically and it also exists without any other human part. It becomes a heart all on its own, circulating within itself. And then the tip of the tongue emerges and that proves the connection between tip of the tongue and the heart itself. Then the arms and legs grow, and the last organ to grow is the brain. That is when we end up with the human body and the heart begins circulating the blood everywhere. But that is the physical heart. Inside the heart, due to its essential primary function, there are two toroidal fields which I now know where they came from. I now understand why there are two hearts and two spaces in the heart. 

There is a toroidal field in the heart and then there is smaller one inside it. In that space is everything that is needed for human consciousness to evolve into its current levels. It is of great importance when it connects to the brain, because it activates other things that were not activated before and all this leads us to where we are heading towards and we are nearly there. 

We entered the female cycle with the male cycle still holding on at all costs, trying to keep it all together. Pretty soon that is going to end; the female cycle will emerge and females will dominate the world. This is how it is supposed to be and, in fact, we would not be able to go on without that happening.  We were supposed to leave this cycle before things had gone too far, but now we will do so within the female cycle since it is much more coherent and that is exactly the reason why it is happening. We need to wait until the chaos of the male cycle is over. We do not have any idea when this will happen. The Mayans knew exactly when most things would end, but they did not know when this would end, due to the fact that they had never experienced this before.  

We saw the Blue Star emerge in October 2007, at the end of this cycle, which was the largest object to enter our solar system, even larger than the Sun. The Mayans are now expecting the Red Star which, in my opinion, is a star in the Orion Belt called Betelgeuse. It is becoming a super-nova at the moment and it is so close to us that, when it does emerge, the explosion will vibrate all over the world. That is what scientists are expecting to happen too. When we actually see stars, larger than the Sun, appearing in the sky, that is when we will realize that we are in the beginning of a new cycle. 

Drunvalo Melchizedek


June 16, 2019


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