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to the Sacred Space of the Heart


Daniel Mitel, is the world travelling Master of Meditation (MoM), helping people understand their intimate connection to their Inner Selves. He is the actual Custodian leader of The School of The Heart (TSOTH), the ancient organization that helps humanity to reconnect with the Higher Selves, to create from the heart and to remember who we really are.

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What is the difference between Journeys Into The Heart workshops, Heart Imagery workshops and Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop?


Journeys Into The Heart workshops help you to understand and practice LIVING IN THE HEART methods that bring you to the stage of understanding who you really.


Heart Imagery workshops bring you the power to work with the images around you, your dreams and the realities beyond your daily perception. It helps you clean your past and reclaim the energy lost in centuries of living on this dimension! It gives you emotional clarity.


Both Journeys Into The Heart workshops and Heart Imagery workshops have numerous exercises of healing and cleansing the old emotional traumas! Both Journeys Into The Heart workshops and Heart Imagery workshops are helping you tremendously in understanding that you are practically living in a dream now and it’s time for you to be awake and see beyond the daily reality.


Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop helps you to understand CREATION FROM THE HEART and practice it; this is utmost important for the time we are living now on Mother Earth. There is much more about this brilliant workshop: third eye activation, heart mer-ka-ba activation, understanding the difference between sacred space of your heart and tiny space of your heart and much more…


Some participants who attended both Journeys Into The Heart workshops and Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop feel that Journeys Into The Heart workshops are the continuation of Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop or the introductory workshops to it.



Become a TSOTH Teacher

Internationally renowned Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel, has founded The School of the Heart to train teachers around the world so that they may help more and more people understand their intimate connection with their Inner Selves and remember what it means to live in the Heart.

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What does it mean to live in the heart?

How does the Heart communicate?



Your Journey into The Future by Daniel Mitel


A wonderful interview at one of the best radio show in the world with Aditya


Live interview Daniel Mitel and Lilou Mace, Paris

Books by Daniel Mitel

These books are highly regarded as some of the best meditation and spiritual guide books all over the world. “Journeys Into The Heart”, was written together with one of the most influential spiritual personalities of modern time, Drunvalo Melchizedek. “Journeys Into The Heart” was triggered by both Drunvalo’s and Daniel’s personal search for the best meditations and methods of creating from the heart.

This is not just a book. It is a manual for spiritual seekers.

“The Eye of The Heart” Workshop, DARK ROOM RETREAT, Tao Garden, Thailand

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