Breath of Fire

One of the best way to release the anxiety and stress is done by practicing Breath of Fire. The ancient Taoists Masters spoke about three brains that control the human body: the brain from the head, the brain from the heart and the brain from the abdomen. They said that all seventy-two thousand nerves from the human body meet in the abdomen and solar plexus area and they are controlled by the brain from the abdomen. If the third chakra that controlls the abdomen and the solar plexus is not in balance, a person cannot be healthy. The breath of fire maintain and balance the "abdominal brain", releases the toxins and deposits from the lungs and blood vessels and strenghtens the nervous system. The responsibility for balancing the internal organs function lies in the abdominal brain. The function of the abdominal brain actually involves every organ in the body.

How to do it

1. Posture: Half Lotus pose (or just sit on a chair keeping your spine straight)

The breath of fire isn't difficult. Breath in and out through your nose very fast and loud, as fast as 2 or 3 times per second. Inhale and pull the abdomen in and exhale and push the abdomen out. Do it very fast and start with 15 seconds building up to 30 to 45 seconds. Alternate it with long deep breath.

Half lotus pose while practicing Breath of Fire


2. Posture: Stretch pose (lie on your back and raise your head and heels 6-8 inches off the ground while you keep your arms above your thighs)

The breath of fire has a tremendous effect on the entire body when it is done in conjuction with the strecth pose. As it can be challenging, start first with 30 seconds going up to a minute or so.

Stretch pose while practicing Breath of Fire