The Seven Ancient Heart Imagery Exercises – Exercise One (“the Wheel”)  

(excerpt from the book “Heart Imagery: A Path To Enlightenment” by Daniel Mitel)

  • Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth; roll your tongue backwards as much as possible; if you can touch the uvula or even go deeper inside the nasal cavity, then you can literally help your energy move up into the brain and work with your pituitary and pineal gland.

  • Stand up keeping your arms outstretched with both palms facing the ground; the distance between your feet must be the same as the distance between your shoulders.

  • Spin around from left to right (clockwise as if you would see it from above) a couple of times; keep your eyes opened and when you get slightly dizzy, stop.

  • Facing the east and with both palms united at the level of your chest (as if you are praying), inhale using the reversed breathing and mentally chant the mantra “I am pure love and bliss”.

  • Exhale and slightly open your palms as if you are pushing an invisible wall in front of you and mentally chant the mantra: “I am in light and peace”.

  • Do at least 12 sets of inhalations and exhalations after each spin.

  • Do three, six, nine or twelve spins.

  • Keeping your eyes opened you will also be able to experience the rotation of your Mer-Ka-Ba (Body of Light)

  • When you finish the whole exercise do it one more time mentally with your eyes closed; try to feel the effect of the exercise even if you are not doing it physically.