November 7-8, 2020 from 7am-12pm PDT


For the participants who attended Kriya Yoga First Inititation (short version) with Master Daniel Mitel the fee is 222$ 

If you have the call of teaching it please apply to attend the Teacher Training on November 9-10:


 Day 1:

Preparation of Kriya Yoga

The Sacred Geometry of Chakras and Kriya Yoga Chakras

Chakras OM

The Techniques of Maha Mudra

The Ketchari Mudra Method

Talabya Kriya

 Day 2:

Om Japa Chanting

Kriya Pranayama First Part

Kriya Pranayama Second Part 

Kriya Pranayama Third Part 

Mental Kriya Pranayama Method

Kriya Pranayama with Short Breaths Method

Navi Kriya Method

Yoni Mudra Method

The Reconnectionof the Inner Circuits (Kriya Yoga Knots)


What is Kriya Yoga (The Spinal Breathing)?

KRIYA YOGA or SPINAL BREATHING is an ancient Yoga system revived in modern times by Mahavatar Babaji through his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya. Kriya was brought into popular awareness through Paramahansa Yogananda’s book AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI and through Yogananda’s introductions of the practice in the West since 1920 and India since 1917. The system consists of a number of levels of SPINAL Breathings based on techniques that are intended to rapidly accelerate spiritual development and engender a profound state of tranquility and God-communion. Kriya Yoga can be practiced by any person at any age.

Kriya Yoga Masters about Kriya Yoga:

Kriya Yoga is the science of controlling life energy – Prana. Kriya Yoga is a technique that activates the astral cerebrospinal centers Kriya Yoga hastens the practitioner’s spiritual development and helps to bring about a profound state of tranquility and God-communion (Swami Satyananda)

Kriya consists of body discipline, mental control, and meditating (Patanjali)

Kriya Yoga brings awareness of the Self (Lahiri Mahasaya)

Kriya Yoga brings you to Christ-Consciousness state (Yogananda)



Benefits of Kriya Yoga

1. Physical Benefits

The immediate physical benefits of Kriya Yoga include an improvement in your health, even the healing of long-term physical illnesses. Kriya can help improve your physical fitness as well, through the stretching of your muscles to increase flexibility and by achieving a more flexible spine.

2. Emotional and Mental Benefits

Immediate emotional and mental benefits of Kriya Yoga include the ability to change negative emotions and thought patterns into more positive ones. This is often brought about by breath work that relaxes your body and mind. Kriya Yoga can also improve your concentration by creating a calm environment in which your thoughts are free to come and go. In this manner, you are able to better identify with where your thoughts are coming from and their significance, which in turn makes you more aware.

3. Spiritual Benefits

Kriya Yoga helps us to evolve as human, spiritual beings; with each inhalation and exhalation of breath the physical body connects with the soul.

4. Energies Unblocked

Kriya Yoga can unblock energies in the body, or chakras, offering immediate and long-term changes. If there is a lack of energy, focus or joy in your life, you may be experiencing blockages physically, mentally and emotionally.


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First Kriya Recording performed  by Daniel Mitel (40 mins recording of complete First Kriya): Kriya Yoga 1 By Daniel Mitel