Are Words Just Illusion?

Osho said something really important: we cannot understand more than we experience. Words are just illusions. In other words, we can turn ourselves into great scholars and get a lot of information, but it is still an illusion. People really believe that information is knowledge, but it is not. Information is a memory while knowledge is an experience. A computer is intelligent, but it is not wise.

It is worth saying that the brain always asks, but the heart always listens. The brain is thoughts while the heart is dreams and images. When we are in the brain, we think without interruption. In the brain, what automatically comes to our minds are questions about how to act. When we are in the heart we do not ask anything; we just see and listen. The heart never asks any questions; the heart simply listens and acts.

Once we are in the heart, we see the door, and we move through. As long as we are in the brain, we try to go through the wall, and we continuously hit our heads.

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