Daniel Mitel is leading The School of The Heart (TSOTH) helping people to clean their hearts and to remember who we really are. TSOTH has reached in 2021 already more than 200 Teachers, 32 countries and 19 languages all over the world: http://theschooloftheheart.com/tsoth-teachers/. 

Author and International lecturer Daniel is dedicated to inspiring the world to move from violence to peace and from anger to love. Throughout his work, workshops and spiritual conferences, Daniel has changed the life of thousands of people. 

As co-founder of Motivate Yourself organization, and as GCI (Global Coherence Initiative) Ambassador in HeartMath Institute, Daniel actively teaches in companies all over the world. The project “Beyond The Limits” together with UN Environmental Programme Goodwill Ambassador and Chairman and Pilot of SOLAR IMPULSE, Bertrand Piccard, represents a step forward in helping the humanity to go towards a cleaner environment, a better world, a better future.


Daniel is constantly invited to interviews and conferences and he wrote articles in magazines and on-line publications (Spirit of Ma’at, Collective Evolution, Lilou Mace, OMTimes, etc.) He shows the inner power that you can achieve using your Heart’s unconditional love. Daniel was invited also by UN team in Vienna to have a conference (“Remember who you really are”).

Daniel is blessed to work with children. As a visiting teacher in Montessori Schools (Canada), Daniel has changed the life of hundreds of children through his work. He has worked and helped many children who have different developmental disorders, including Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Autism.