The mission of the School of the Heart is to foster a pure heart within each and every individual. Given the present age, where human beings are overwhelmed by their emotions, it has become all the more crucial to turn towards the timeless wisdom and practices of the past that aimed to cleanse the soul. In 2023 TSOTH numbered 255 Teachers in 33 countries speaking 19 languages!

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The new workshops of The School of The Heart:

“Cultivating Inner Peace”

“Heart Purification”

For over a millennium, hundreds of monks, elders, and saints sought to purify their minds and hearts atop the summit of Mount Athos. Meanwhile, for more than two millennia, countless elders and eldresses attained sainthood in the deserts and wilderness of Greek Islands, the Sinai Desert, Carpathian Mountain monasteries and caves, and other remote, natural settings.

Were these individuals superhuman? What secrets led to their achievements?

In the midst of the modern world’s turbulence, can we follow in their footsteps?





The Holy Mountain – Mount Athos


The science of cleaning the passion and acquiring the virtues

The power of hesychasm (the science of silence)

The science of divine love and divine grace

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