The School of the Heart is dedicated to nurturing a pure heart in every individual. In today’s world, where emotions often overwhelm us, the importance of turning to the ancient wisdom and practices focused on purifying the soul has never been greater. As of 2024, The School of the Heart boasts a diverse faculty of 275 teachers across 33 countries, proficient in 19 different languages, all united in this vital mission.

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“Cultivating Inner Peace”

“Heart Purification”

For over a thousand years, the summit of Mount Athos has been a spiritual haven where hundreds of monks, elders, and saints have endeavored to purify their minds and hearts. For almost two thousand years, a myriad of elders and eldresses in the deserts and wildernesses of the Greek Islands, the Sinai Desert, the monasteries and caves of the Carpathian Mountains, and other secluded natural environments have achieved sainthood.

Were these extraordinary individuals beyond the ordinary realm of humanity? What profound secrets did they discover that led to such remarkable spiritual accomplishments?

In the midst of today’s chaotic world, is it possible for us to tread the same path and seek the same enlightenment?





The Holy Mountain – Mount Athos


The science of cleaning the passion and acquiring the virtues

The power of hesychasm (the science of silence)

The science of divine love and divine grace

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