Tibetan Monks

Dalai Lama in Drepung Lachi Monastery

I don’t talk much about Tibet as I have a high respect for The Tibetan Great Masters (Karma Dorje and Tenzin Dhargey) that taught me so much. I wrote two books about these teachings.

However in my interviews I do speak sometimes about Tibet and their spiritual life. I basically went to three regions of Tibet: Amdo, Kham and Utsang but specifically I stayed more in Amdo area. I meditated there in two monasteries and some of the techniques I start teaching it when I came back to “civilized” world.

There are a lot to say about Tibetan Monks and their way of living….There is a long history of oral transmission of teachings given by Tibetan Monks. Oral transmissions by LINEAGE holders traditionally can take place in small groups or mass gatherings of listeners and may last for seconds (in the case of a MANTRA, for example) or months. The person from whom one hears the teaching should have heard it as one link in a succession of listeners going back to the original speaker: the Buddha in the case of a SUTRA or the author in the case of a book. Then the hearing constitutes an authentic lineage of transmission. Authenticity of the oral lineage is a prerequisite for realization, hence the importance of lineages.

I was taught by a group of Tibetan Masters. I learned different techniques there and some of them I am teaching in  HEART IMAGERY workshops: Heart Imagery Workshops