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Dark Room Retreat, Tao Garden, Thailand


November 23-27, 2020 

For more info about the workshop please click here: DARK ROOM RETREAT, TAO GARDEN

The steps for attending DRR:

1. Please fill in the application and read all the information about the retreat: DARK ROOM RETREAT, TAO GARDEN

2. You can pay the workshop cash ($999) or pay with your debit or credit card either as a PayPal guest or if you have a PayPal account ($1044: $999 + $45 Paypal fee):

3. Please book and pay your accomodation for DRR directly at Tao Garden through their website; please mention that you are attending the DRR with Master Daniel Mitel

Introduction in the global tradition of the Dark Room

All spiritual traditions have used the Dark Room meditations in order to balance the energy of pineal and pituitary glands and to decode the universal information carried from outer space to our dimension. 

Taoist system refers to the Dark Room as the Perfect Inner Alchemy Chamber. Tibetans used it for healing and Egyptians used the Dark Rooms in the Pyramids as connections with other dimensions. The Essenes used the caves near Dead Sea in Israel to reconnect with their hearts. The Himalayan Masters are using the dark caves of the mountains as places for ascension. 

Why Dark Room Retreat is so powerful?

When you are in the dark room melatonin is building up more than usually and when it reaches 15-20mg. then your body produces pinoline (a very powerful superconductor). This is the time when the pineal gland is able to adopt a secondary function of producing the DMT known also as “The Spirit Molecule”. 

At this stage you are able to function consciously from your chakras and the body goes trough a powerful inner healing process. The heart chakra state of true compassion combined with the arousal of the creation energy from the second chakra create a new chemistry and new vibration within the body that happens just in the dark room! 

This new special vibration occurs at a frequency of 8Hz and helps you enter the primordial state when the true self and divinity are united inside of you. As Hermes said few thousands of years ago, “As above so below” is happening inside of you! The new vibration helps you to literally conduct the universal energy and cosmic particles are attracted to you magnetically. 

You might be able to see clearly the past and the future, the Akashic Records are opening to you in a natural way. You understand the true meaning of existence and you return to the cosmic womb, the Infinite Spirit – the Feminine Energy. 

The Eye of your Heart is active and connected now with the thalamus, hypothalamus, pineal gland and pituitary gland.

Right from the first day, Master Daniel Mitel will have a powerful meditation that will help you to move your spirit from the brain to the heart in a natural way. For all five days you will stay in your heart; it is a unique period of time when you can live and feel and see just from your heart! The light inside and around you is going to be non-polarized and you will see from the eye of the heart. 

Dark Room Enlightenment Stages

Day 1 and 2

Complete isolation from external light causes the pineal gland to flood the brain with melatonin that gradually change into the pinoline. These two hormones are healing of the body and you produce powerful energies within each chakras. You start to feel and sense the non-polarized light around and inside of you and see from the eye of the heart.

Day 3

This is the time when the pineal gland is able to adopt a secondary function of producing the 5-MeO-DMT known also as “The Spirit Molecule” or simple DMT. DMT is the visual third eye neurotransmitter. 

You feel each chakra and you are able to feel a new vibration inside and around you. You might see light and visions, hear celestial music and connect consciously with your Higher Self. Your body is producing the “Internal Alchemical Elixir” which engages the awakening of the Flower of Life in your heart and spine; your body begins to glow in a state of beingness and peace.

Day 4 and 5

Your pineal gland produces more and more DMT; this tryptamine is highly luminescent and phosphorescent due to the amount of phosphene that it transmits onto the visual cortex.

The neurotransmitter “akashon” that is normally active just when you are in the womb and the first month of your life, is now reactivated in the darkroom.

You are able to conduct inside of you the universal energy and cosmic particles that are attracted to you like a magnet. 

DMT discharges the darkness from the darkroom and a bright light will be activated. The Taoist Masters are calling it “The Great White Light”, the manifestation of the astral body that enables you to travel outside of your body.

You might be able to see clearly the past and the future, the Akashic Records are opening to you in a natural way. You return to the cosmic womb, the Infinite Spirit – the Feminine Energy. The Eye of your Heart is active and connected now with the thalamus, hypothalamus, pineal gland and pituitary gland.

The door of ascension is opening to you. 

Preparation home before the Retreat

We encourage you to engage in a healthy preparatory diet a month before the retreat. Please try to consume more organic soups, natural smoothies and juices (all of them without sugar) and some other products reach in vitamin D (mushrooms, oily fish and egg yolks). Also beta carotene food is very important (carrots, kale, spinach, red and yellow peppers, apricots, peas and broccoli) together with calcium/magnesium/zinc products (tomato, avocado, cabbage, cucumber, olives, potato, apple, banana, blackberries, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon, mango, peach and pumpkin). The seaweed and blue green algae will also prepare and enhance your body’s capacity for this special retreat. All these products will enable essential amino acids and enzymes required by the body and the third eye to produce all-important neurotransmitters of the “Internal Alchemical Elixir”.  


Each person will sign a consent form, whereby acknowledge the responsibility for being in 5 days of light isolation, silence and water/juice. Each person must confirm that is free from mental illness or any other delicate health condition, over 18 years and agree to stay for the full duration of the specified period, without interrupting the process for others. 

Testimonials for some of the participants of Dark Room Retreat “The Eye of The Heart” led by Daniel Mitel and Agathi Chris between May 3-7, 2019 in Tao Garden, Thailand 

“The most spectacular retreat! I was able to exceed so many aspects of the reality that in normal life we don’t have awareness of it. I came out more zen than before and I feel so much gratitude and I feel so blessed that all this cosmic energy flows no into me and all around me.

I would highly recommend this retreat; it completely changed my life. I am so, so thankful and grateful…spectacular, amazing experience” (Kelly, Canada) 

“In my spiritual journey the DRR was an important initiation, that I believe was necessary when you know that you are a seeker of who you really are. For me it was a complex experience, a powerful way to sense, feel and know; to clean what I needed to clean. After this amazing spiritual event, day by day, step by step, I’m beginning to tap into an awareness… and the journey continues. A really special spiritual event that I recommend to any spiritual seeker!” (Carmen, Romania) 

“This was the most important spiritual experience in my life! It was the best condition that I had until now to go into my heart. The really important thing is that I felt so protected as Master Daniel created a very special energy, atmosphere and space. ” (Natalia, Ukraine) 

“I am still integrate in my daily life the incredible experiences that I have lived in DRR…life goes on and I understand things in a different way now and make more connections. Thank you Daniel and Agathi for the wonderful meditations and exercises that were basically our “food” in this retreat! Thank you all the people who were there and I have connected in such a special way” (Alina, Romania)  

“Wow! The dark room was very deep…I appreciated the meditations that helped to travel far and deep. It balanced me completely. I am grateful for this experience and I would recommend anybody doing spiritual work to attend the DRR!” (Tanja, Switzerland)  

“It was an extraordinary experience for my spirit, a unique experience that once you felt it, you reconnected with the Source! Thank you Daniel and Agathi for this reconnection with the Divinity” (Camelia, Romania) 

“We were very lucky as Daniel and Agathi led some special meditations. We have some powerful cosmic journeys and a very special healing. We had visions and learnt about ourselves. I feel that the darkroom retreat is it the time when time doesn’t exist at all.” (Hofan, Hong Kong) 

“I am so grateful for attending the darkroom retreat. We had such a special experience where Master Daniel and Master Agathi brought us to these high dimensional realms; I found myself dwelling with different light beings from all over the Universe! My soul is very happy that I had this beautiful opportunity; if I have a chance I would do it again. Love you, love you, love you.” (Edda, Chile) 

“The dark room experience for me was truly third-eye opening. Disabling the physical senses helped me reconnect with my spiritual senses, and I’ve stayed connected every day since. It was a tough experience but worth the journey!” (Aaronananda, USA)