“The Power of The Heart and Inner Healing” in Istanbul, Turkey


"The Power of The Heart and Inner Healing”

Istanbul, April 8-9, 2017 from 10:00 to 17:30

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For the first time in Turkey an extraordinary workshop: the HeartMath Institute's teachings and the ancient Egyptian and Tibetan correct use and transformation of sexual energy 

Daniel Mitel, the renowned world Meditation Master and author of three of the most powerful spiritual books – “This Now Is Eternity”, “Heart Imagery: A Path To Enlightenment” and "Journeys Into The Heart", is teaching again in Istanbul together with Master Teacher Agathi in one of the most spiritual place from Turkey: Trust Human Academy lead by the famous spiritual Master Metin Hara.

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Address: Sedir Sokak, No: 6 Akatlar, 34335 Istanbul




DAY 1  – The Secret Power of The Heart (Agathi)
Main topics:
-Awareness: awakening of your true potential
-The power to recover from difficult situation
-Heart and brain communication 
-The Emotions of your body  
-Reconnection with the Earth’s energy
-The science of change  

DAY 2 – Meditation and Inner Healing Day (Daniel)
Main topics:
-The Tibetan Healing
-Cleaning your body meditation
-The Immortals: How to use correct the sexual energy: Ancient Egyptian System and Ancient Tibetan System
-Unity Consciousness Grid Meditation
-The Meditation of Change