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On-Line Meditation World Circle with Master Daniel Mitel

“Controlling your thoughts and bringing peace and harmony to yourself”

Master of Meditation Daniel Mitel is back with a very important on-line session!

Sunday September 23, 2018

10am-12pm Hong Kong and China Time / 11am-1pm Japan Time 2pm-4pm Australia Time / 4pm-6pm New Zealand Time



Please send a message to with the PayPal receipt and you will receive the ZOOM link for the meeting

The School of The Heart Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel is back on-line bringing an amazing meditation evening: we are going to experience one of the most important meditation given by humanity by Daskalos, The Great Master from Cyprus!

Daskalos was one of the greatest mystic of the twenty century. He was working directly with the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and was teaching since the age of seven spiritual practices associated with mystic Christian tradition, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, and shamanism.

Daskalos has been reported to be instrumental in hundreds of public healings. He was a Master in contemplation, exosomatosis, and the development of healing powers. 

He was teaching the inner exploration and sources of our emotional behaviour with the resolve to self-consciously structure your personality and its subconscious. 

His work was based on understanding the power of “elementals” – the energy that is formed from our thoughts.