BEIJING JUNE 29-30, 2019 

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“This is the most important spiritual work of this planet”

Drunvalo Melchizedek

JOURNEYS INTO THE HEART: THE HIGHER SELF is based on a series of experiences of Masters and Mystics from all over the world since the inception of the human race.

This workshop constitutes one of the most important spiritual works in the world that teaches people to enter into the space of the heart.

The workshop is associated with the “Awakening The Illuminated Heart” seminar. 

It provides the best preparation and practice for those who intend to attend the “Awakening The Illuminated Heart” seminar in the future and helps those who have already attended the ATIH.

Some of the exercises and meditations included in the “Journeys into the Heart: The Higher Self” Workshop

  • The Movement of the Energies into the body
  • The Higher Self
  • The Higher Self Meditation
  • Prayer of The Heart (Ascended Master Theresa de Avilla Method)
  • The Chakra of Unconditional Love Method
  • The Kriya of The Heart Meditation
  • The Mystic Dance of The Heart
  • The Qi-Gong of The Heart
  • The Way of The Universe Sound
  • The Heart Imagery Method
  • The Way of Attention and Intention

Some of the benefits included in the “Journeys into the Heart: The Higher Self” Workshop

  • What is the Higher Self and how the Higher Self is working with you
  • Learn to Create from The Heart (the new way that is different compared with the method from ATIH workshop!)
  • Learn to communicate moment by moment with your Higher Self
  • Heart meditations; you will learn what method is the best for you!
  • Learn to live from the heart
  • Healing of the Belief Patterns and Emotional Trauma
  • Realign with the new vibration of Mother Earth and reconnect with the new energy of the Mother Earth and cosmic vibration of the Father Universe
  • Learn how to deal with the energies inside of your body; how to preserve the sexual energy and how to preserve the energy of the heart
  • Learn to work with the Chakra of Unconditional Love
  • Work with the sounds of the Universe


“If you really want to understand how to meditate in your heart and how to create from your heart this is the most important workshop that you can attend! Thank you Daniel.” (Matt, Canada)

“I have attended the most well known spiritual workshops on this planet and I can say without hesitation that JOURNEYS INTO THE HEART: THE HIGHER SELF is by far the most important workshop that anybody can go for.” (William, USA)

“The perfect workshop combination: exercises, meditations and knowledge passed to us by Master Daniel Mitel.” (Anna, Australia)

“If you want to increase your level of consciousness then JOURNEYS INTO THE HEART: THE HIGHER SELF seminar is the best place you can spend a weekend! As usually Master Daniel Mitel is given us the best spiritual meditations!” (Natalia, Russia)

“Don’t miss the best spiritual workshop of this world!” (Helen, UK)

“JOURNEYS INTO THE HEART: THE HIGHER SELF workshop changed my life and my wife’s life. We strongly recommend to anybody that want to learn about Higher Self, Heart Meditations, Sexual energy, Healing of emotional traumas and much more!” (Frank, Switzerland)

“Even if you think that you don’t have time to attend JOURNEYS INTO THE HEART: THE HIGHER SELF you must think again! Make time for this seminar! It will change your life completely! Thank you Master Daniel.” (Edda, Mexico)