Daniel: My dear Jasmuheen: March 2013 Tao Garden darkroom retreat in Thailand: an exceptional spiritual event. We were people from all over the world gathered together for ten days / nights. No food, no light: just prana, life force energy. Any thoughts about the event?

Jasmuheen: Personally I love this dip that goes deep into the yogi’s cave! It can be a tough initiation for some as endless darkness, silence, stillness and solitude plus deep meditations and no physical food, can at times be confronting; still most people come out feeling as if their whole life has been rebalanced and recharged with fresh insight which is always beneficial. It is also such a unique experience and a wonderful way to just unhook from the external world for awhile and go deeper into the more intuitive internal realms where true wisdom and pure peace is found as we also experience deeper levels of our own Zen master self which I love.

Daniel: The retreat seems to me a new opening; especially after Dec 21, 2012. It is another gate, another door opened by the Infinite Spirit to us. I felt that the way you led the meditations was different this time. How did you feel it?

Jasmuheen: I was wondering what would come through and how things would flow in our first darkroom retreat post Dec 2012, and it was nice as always to just step back and allow the group divinity to bring through what was required – especially since all our energy patterns are constantly shifting with more support now than ever before. Usually we would present a more complete pranic nourishment program but we know that enjoying more of this type of nourishment is something that all will be intuitively led into, in a very organic way, when the time is right. When all in the darkroom are tuned to the one heart, one mind flow of Essence, everything comes through exactly as each one requires and the energy can build to bring through some additional quite magical experiences for us all. This retreat, it was also as if the group energies needed to come into a very specific harmonic so Mother Mary could also be present in voice and radiation as she was the last evening which for myself and many there, was a huge blessing.

Daniel: You started the event with a heavenly chanting; a high note sound that reverberated and resonated with all our bodies (physical, mental and emotional). Personal I had images coming to me brought by your angelic chanting. Can you tell me more about it?

Jasmuheen: As we know we all carry different patterns in this web that we are co-creating. My initial global service pattern was around the prana as nourishment reality field and then the Embassy of Peace, whose programs we continue to implement. Yet over the last period of time many people have been tuning more as well to their own angelic patterning as I have. Allowing the universe with its angelic levels to tone through us is another amazing journey that makes my own heart sing so profoundly as these tones can heal, release and rebalance on so many levels where, when and if required. The beauty of this is that is really requires no mental interpretation and goes beyond all language as we know it.

Daniel: During the retreat you channeled The Galactic Council and Mother Mary. Both messages were powerful loaded with the unconditional love of the Immortals, the Ascended Masters. Especially after you channeled Mother Mary, I felt that you needed to stay alone couple of hours and connect with the energy of the message. How it was?

Jasmuheen: Personally I just melted into her flows where as usual, I received simple yet profound guidance from the connection. There is something so pure and supportive about the divine feminine and how our systems react when we are flooded by this flavour. Here is what I wrote re this the next morning and also 2 additional messages I received from her.

“9th March 2013 – Last night as we sat for our final darkroom meditation, and our people opened deeper to the field of love within, I began to sense again the presence of the most gentle Beingness around me and as my throat began to swallow as if being adjusted, I realized that this one wished to speak through me, and due to the nature of love that this feminine one carried, it was an easy allowance. Coming through as Mother Mary and the flow of the Divine feminine, I went deep into semi-trance state and cannot recall all that was said, yet after as I lay down on my bed these energies stayed so present, speaking with so much love as we entered into deep exchange.

My heart of course was overjoyed for it has been sometime since these ones have communed so intensely with me, and in this pure and private exchange something so deep shifted within me as my body released and let go to feel even freer than it ever has before …

Sleeping soundly for the first time this retreat, when I awoke this morning the presence of Mother Mary (which is how the divine feminine tends to come to me) was so profound and allowed the flow of the following message to come.

“From absolute darkness flows the greatest of light … While darkness is the absence of light it is not the absence of love for love is the nature of creation itself and love lies deep in all, even in the darkness that appears to consume some human hearts.

“Yes … love abides in all, its purity so powerful and profound like an untapped well deep within that awaits your attention. The allowance of this love to prosper and blossom within you is the saving Grace of any world!” – Mother Mary and the divine feminine March 10th 2013 Darkroom Retreat, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A little while later she added …

“What can we tell a world that is now consumed with so much change?

Can any words shared be enough to encourage the opening to the greatest love that any being can ever know?

Or is patience and compassion and silence more effective?

How can we say to those who wish to save this world that this world is already on her path to great salvation?

To say that there lies within the human heart the divine heart with the power to radiate an eternal flow of such Grace that all who venture near will be transformed … can this be truth?

To say that the ascension of your people lies in the being and not just the doing, that to take time in silence, stillness and solitude to open to the Kingdom of Heaven within you, to feel the love of the Divine heart and its all consuming wisdom, to allow the rising of this love through you and out beyond you as you walk through this world … for you to know this as truth is the greatest gift that you can give yourself and also those around.

When this pure and perfect love flows through you it nourishes and transforms you, yet when it touches another it draws out from deep within them this same pure love to fill you all with the glory of creation.

Paradise is your world right now when this becomes your truth.

The purpose of your time on Earth is only to experience the joy within the revelation of the greatest love that human heart was always designed to know.

With the awakening and the blossoming of the Divine Heart within you, you will be love in motion … you will be peace in motion and those whose hearts are purified by this will walk in the Garden of Eden once more …”

And with these words we completed our insights from our 2013 Darkroom Retreat.

Daniel: You mentioned during the retreat about your collaboration on higher levels with Drunvalo Melchizedek. Both of you have complementary, compatible and matching spiritual teachings for humanity. Any thoughts about it?

Jasmuheen: Like many, I see and know our lives as just weaves of patterns and flows of color and tone. Like any good weave things will gel and blend in specific ways and specific times so that the patterns may be presented in their fullness and richness of scale. Drunvalo and myself share part of a particular weave on earth, as do all those with whom we connect, hence similarities in our service and play agendas can be seen. Yet we are all just a slightly different expression of the vast Essence nature that is woven throughout creation. The joy that arises in us all when we remember then experience again just how vast and multifaceted we all are in expression is so liberating and also unifying especially since life then becomes so much more of a joyous dance and flow.

Daniel: Dear Jasmuheen millions of people from all over the world are listening to your meditations and your teachings. We all love you. Can you share a message for Humanity, for this new Beginning, new Energy?

Jasmuheen: Thank you for these kind words – smiles. I think Mother Mary said it all above with her second message, especially the last few paragraphs. New beginnings are always with us as we know, for every new moment is a chance to be aware and feel that Divine Heart within us, with its infinite capacity to love. It is also much easier to love this life more fully when we recognize the Essence that we all carry and thus we can then experience life on earth from this more unconditionally loving perspective of trust and allowance. In this frame of reference and experience, the perfection of all energy flows is also much easier to know, for there is no greater value in light than there is in darkness as all is imbued with this love as Mother Mary so eloquently stated. Being love in motion … being peace in motion … or joy … all of this is just a new state to claim in each moment for as the masters we all are, we can claim any state of being that we wish just by our focus upon it.

Big hugs to all – with love, light and laughter – Jasmuheen