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About Heart Imagery ©

Daniel is the first person in the world (in modern times) to explain and define the origin of the ancient Heart Imagery system. Heart Imagery is an ancient system that originates from ancient Tibetan, Sumerian and Vedic spiritual mystery schools. It relates to the highest number of Mystery School: 555. It is related with Adamic Race, with the power of dreaming and reversing the past, present and future.

Prior to any religious system was being formed, almost 40,000 years prior to Buddha and Jesus, prior to Mohamed and Rumi, there was just one technique that the Adamic Race used in their headquarter, in Kopet Dagh (the Turkmen-Khorasan Mountain Range near Caspian Sea),  which was Heart Imagery.

Heart Imagery helps and teaches you how to balance your mental, emotional and physical bodies and it harmonizes your energy. These techniques are essential in order to better understand and cope with Mother Earth’s powerful feminine energy that is ever permeating us since December 21, 2012. It Heart Imagery is the most important workshop that you can do now. At this auspicious time in Earth’s history! Heart Imagery exercises are not a series of answers, they are a set of keys. The Keys to your own doors, to open the doors and see for yourself what wonders lies within. Unlike other spiritual systems, Heart Imagery utilizes the unique capacity of every human being to reach enlightenment – or freedom from the illusions of ego created by the mind.

Heart Imagery does not ask you to worship Masters but to become a Master; not to follow others but to develop your own inner awareness within to bring a quality of light and love to all that you do.

Right now the master in you is asleep. And the mind, the servant, is playing the role of master. And the servant is not even your servant; the servant is created by the outside world, it is a slave to follow the outside world and its laws. Once you are lightening your awareness through our specialized but easy to implement Heart Imagery exercises, it burns up away the illusion of the whole slavery that your mind has created. You will become a Master of your own destiny.

In Heart Imagery you learn to surrender. To let your ego disappear. Heart Imagery’s gentle series a set of “minor surrenders” that prepares you for the major, the ultimate surrender, wherein you will lose your ego to allow the flow of light and energy to stream into you!


How Heart Imagery works?


234All three workshops help open to us our higher wisdom along with the inner wishes of our hearts. To our innate natural way to hear, feel and intuit our “heart speaks”, which can then better instruct our body. Our transformative imagery experiences brings together what you see, sense, feel and know. When you “see” an image it will make you “feel” emotions (e.g. anger, sadness, resentments, etc), or feelings (love, harmony, peace, clarity) or you may even physically “sense” something in your body (a rush of energy that heals a sickness, your kundalini awakening etc). Every powerful image gradually helps you escape the ordinary limitations of your earth-bound living, aligning with your vertical axis, your Higher-Self and your indomitable eternal. Thereby enabling you to balance your mental, emotional and physical body.

It is interesting to read scientifically proved studies that shows how imagery can cure cancer (click here to read it).

________________________________________________________Wonderful images.003Teaching Heart Imagery

In 1999, Daniel created “The School of the Heart”. Ten years later, in Toronto, he created “The School of Meditation”. One of the most important series of workshops taught in both Schools is Heart Imagery.

More than 20 years ago Daniel started a long journey in Imagery with the The Romanian Great Master Ana who used a unique form of healing based on Imagery. Psychologist, healer and master in sounds, colors and imagery, Ana devoted her life healing others and teaching them methods of meditations based, on principal, on imagery technique. Her legacy is invaluable. Thousands of people were helped and healed by Ana.

Also Tibetan Monks and Qi-Gong Masters were teaching Daniel similar Imagery exercises that increase the awareness of “being”.

In Tai Chi, Daniel is teaching using Heart Imagery.

Later Daniel found the Imagery’s teachings given by OshoAnastasiaDi Yu Ming and Colette Aboulker-Muscat.

Beyond healing, the Heart Imagery Workshops give us some unique and brilliant imagery exercises that make the most attractive development for any human is dreaming of: knowledge, wisdom and an insight specific to our individual temperaments and needs.

Mastering the imagery techniques gives one deeper penetration and finer and finer subtle experiences; experiencing “inner light” and “inner sound” become easy.


Some of the topics:

“Cleaning The Energy of Your Day” and “Reversing a sickness”

Clean the whole consciousness of the depth of yesterday, and your very being will be transformed through it. Try this. This method is not very difficult, only persistent effort is needed; there is no inherent difficulty in the method. It is simple, and you can start it right now.


The dream is your truth. Dreaming is a huge topic.  Not too many info out there unfortunately. In each culture I found that at the advanced level of consciousness Dreaming is a main topic. Tibetans, Kabbalist’s, Shamans in America and Shamans in Siberia, all of them have Dreaming technique part of their curriculum.

Switch your Energy

A lot of teachers are preaching “Don’t be angry” without giving any technique. But you will only suppress yourself. That will create more anger! That will create guilt and inferiority, and it will make you feel incapable. In Heart Imagery we learn to redirect the energy from anger to harmony and peace. Instantly! Right when it happens. One of the most effective techniques within all spiritual practices.

Interior Smile Spiral

Realize that inside your Heart, it is the centre of the Universe and it forms a spiral of light that goes trough your main organs in the following order: Heart, Left Lung, Brain, Right Lung, Liver, Right Kidney, Genitals, Left Kidney, Spleen and it moves outside continuing the spiral form to the infinite; the centre of the Galaxy in inside of your Heart.

The Three Centres Cleaning Meditation

We all have 3 centres: the first one (we are connected there when we are born) is behind the navel and is BEING, the second one is in the heart and is FEELING and the third one is up in the brain (the third eye) and is KNOWLEDGE. We need to centre ourselves back in one of these centre and connect back with our inner essence. If we are not centred and we live at the periphery we will never be able to reconnect with who we really are!


Fifteen immediate benefits from our Heart Imagery Workshops:

1. Learn how to move your Spirit from the your Brain to your Heart using our specialized, yet easy to implement Imagery system

2. Discover how you learn to switch your energy from heavy emotions (e.g. anger, fear, frustration, irritation, envy, depression) to positive feelings (e.g. unconditional love, calmness, peace, harmony)

3. You learn to lighten your being through cleaning your emotional trauma and your past

4. You learn to gain the techniques to reverse the effects of a sickness

5. Cleanse your dreams and nightmares, facilitating lucid dreaming

6. Energize, empower and clean your chakras

7. Understand how to heal yourself

8. You Learn how to let go of your anxieties and connect with your Inner Essence

9. You train yourself learn to better handle deal with stress under any circumstance

10. You learn to use effectively your life force energy – prana – to energize and clean yourself

11. Enjoy more of a connection with Mother Earth’s energy

12. You learn to ‘BE’ in the fully present, here and now; no mind, no thoughts

13. You enable forgiveness to flow from the holy space of your Heart

14. You learn to Cleanse and reconnect with your three transformative chakra centres: Navel, heart centre and Third Eye, the pivotal chakras for ascension

15. You learn to train to utilize the most effective spiritual technique: gratitude


Nice pictures 3.033Testimonials:

“Having attended the 1st day of Heart Imagery in Athens… I am flabbergasted. Having attended in the past so many lessons to deprogram the mind and access the Heart, having read so many books from various sources, contemporary and traditional, I had never encountered such powerful tools that have immediate effect, such as those given to us today by Daniel Mitel. Now it’s totally up to each of us to take responsibility of our selves and have the intention to follow these exercises through. And this is only the beginning………” (Demetra Teresa – Athens)

“Heart Imagery – is an alchemical work, that unites ancient tradition of imagery with new evolutionary energy unfolding on our planet. This work is profoundly healing and at the same time can be done by anyone, no matter how one is evolved in spiritual area.

The way how Daniel guides you through the exercises is really a master work, he observes your progress and help you to overcome your inner obstacles that come up. I would advice this workshop to anyone who is ready to let go of old stuff, heal himself and open new wonderful doors of joy and growth. With love and gratitude, Mariam”

“I attended some really well done seminars (Tom Kenyon, Neale Walsch, Catherine Shainberg and Eric Pearl) but I can say that Heart Imagery series are by far the most powerful workshops in the world. This knowledge is foundation of all spiritual schools! Daniel is, undoubtedly, one of the Masters of today’ spiritual world. In light, Irina”


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