Flower of Sunlight

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Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel are speaking about the Flower of Sunlight’s effect on physical, mental and emotional bodies; the Flower of Sunlight is using the waveform of the Sun and a very large amount of electricity helping in meditation and different physical, mental and spiritual exercises

Daniel Mitel doing a short video about how to use Flower Of Sunlight by Drunvalo Melchizedek when you meditate; put on your wrists, palm chakras, third eye, heart and feet chakras


Flower of Sunlight helps to:

  • Increase overall energy levels

  • Increase the efficiency of body energy output

  • Overcome fatigue and boost alertness

  • Improve & optimize inter-cellular communication

  • Speed up recovery processes in the body

  • Balance & harmonize the body’s bio-electrical processes

  • Balance & harmonize the body’s bio-magnetic field

  • Enhance Meditation

How to use the oil:

There are two small rose quartz crystal spheres inside the bottle to help mix the oils. Before use, shake well and remember that only a small amount of applied oil is needed. 

Apply the oil to the bare skin of the palms of the hands (hand chakras) and/or the palm-side of both wrists. You may also choose to apply to painful areas. Rub into skin. Do not apply directly to an open wound. 

For daily use, the area over the heart (the lower heart chakra – see green dot in chakra photo) is also a great place to apply the oil. 

Test yourself to see if the oil gives you extra energy and/or clarity. 

Be aware of applying too close to sleep (at least five hours) if the oil keeps you awake. For some people the oil may aid sleep. 

Apply the oil before exercise, mediation or anytime you feel the need for energy, clarity or balance. 

You can apply the oil every five hours. Pay attention to your body and what it needs. The oil’s effects will last up to five hours, but energetically, much longer (around 45 hours). 

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