I never asked people around me to read a book more than Vladimir Megre’s 10 volumes “Ringing Cedars”.

Anastasia, The Siberian Great Master, is teaching us to grow our children in a natural way, She is teaching us to build our own space of love, She is teaching us to eat and to clean ourselves and She is teaching us to create from the heart. And She is teaching us to love Mother Earth. What do we need more?

Anastasia’s Imagery teachings are unique. She is speaking about the same system (vedic-vedrus) that I learnt about from the Tibetan Masters.

Without Anastasia’s teaching I am not sure that we would be still on this Earth. I did a lot of meditations and Anastasia spoke with me directly explaining me important steps that had to be done for cleaning ourselves and connecting with our Inner Essence.

Anastasia’s teachings are invaluable.